Top Mountain Bike Tracks in Hobart

Although it’s the second oldest capital city in Australia, Hobart is also among the smallest capitals in the country. But, this vibrant city has also earned a reputation for its delicious food, historic brewing tradition, whiskey tours, and, of course, mountain bike trails.

In this article, we’ll go over the top mountain bike tracks in Hobart and provide a few tips to help you carve out the dirt in these amazing spots.

Top Mountain Bike Tracks in Hobart

From Hobart, you can access some of the newest and most exciting tracks in all of Tasmania, which makes the capital city a great place for adrenaline junkies looking for an awesome rush. Here are some of the best mountain bike tracks available in Hobart and surrounding areas.

Maydena Bike Park

Derwent Valley is located about 80 minutes from Hobart and it’s home to one of the island’s newest attractions: the Maydena Bike Park. The park was inaugurated in January of 2018 and it’s a full-service track that allows gravity riding with a breathtaking background provided by nature.

You can choose from 30 separate gravity trails that span over 35 kilometres and boast of a massive 820 metre vertical, the most for any bike park in Australia. That said, keep in mind that this track is suitable for intermediate and advanced riders looking for a natural single-track, so it doesn’t offer many jumps or pump tracks.

Once you arrive at the park, you can ride the shuttle to the summit. At more than 1000 metres above sea level, you can choose from an endless combination of trails and make your way down the hill at your own pace. After you hit the bottom, you can simply ride the shuttle back up and choose a new way down.

North-South Track

Mount Wellington, which is also called by its Palawa Kani name kunanyi, is one of Hobart’s biggest attractions for both nature enthusiasts and mountain bike riders alike. Besides serving as the backdrop to the city of Hobart, kunanyi is also home to the North-South Track, one of the best trails available on the whole island.

The North-South Track links The Springs with the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park, and it’s home to impressive jumps, log rides, dry-stone walls, and the clapper bridge that allows you to cross the New Town Rivulet while soaking in the amazing atmosphere. This track is ideal for riders that have some experience but want to polish their skills, but be careful because it also contains challenging areas that are best left to advanced bikers.

Clarence MTB Park

Located on Hobart’s east shore, the Clarence Mountain Bike Park offers a great alternative that allows you to ride even during the winter months. The terrain is dryer than Mount Wellington and it’s packed with dirt jumps and pump tracks of different difficulties, making this park ideal for beginners, intermediate, and seasoned riders alike.

The park has three sections that cater to the different skill levels. Beginner trails are set in the flatter parts of the valley that are closer to the highway. Intermediates can ascend through the Corkscrew Climb and they can go down the same way or via Dinosaur Descent. Finally, the Grassy Valley Descent offers a track with rocks and other elements where advanced riders can work on their technical skills.

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For mountain bike riders, the fun only begins at the end of the trail, which is one of the reasons why Hobart has become a major destination for bikers around the world. The tips above should help you find the best tracks in Hobart, regardless of your skill level.

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